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“Litigating coverage dispute requires cost-benefit analysis,” an article about insurance coverage litigation by Judy Greenwald.

Business Insurance author Judy Greenwald recently wrote an article titled Litigating coverage dispute requires cost-benefit analysis.  In it, she writes about the issue of policyholders litigating questions of insurance coverage and insurance claims with their insurance companies.

The article opens:

When policyholders decide their only option is to pursue litigation against their insurers in coverage disputes, they should first conduct a cost-benefit analysis to see if it would be worth their while, say policyholder attorneys.

Speed may be critical, say attorneys, who note there can be a “race to the courthouse” as policyholders and insurers rush to file lawsuits in the jurisdictions viewed as most sympathetic to their cause.

The article provides viewpoints from multiple attorneys who represent corporate policyholders and corporate insureds.  I was honored to be included among the policyholder counsel whom she quoted.  Ms. Greenwald also quoted me in the article, writing:

Litigation sometimes may be necessary, say observers. “If you’re in a spot where simply the insurance company draws the line in the sand and refuses to discuss any further, and the parties are at loggerheads,” policyholders may be forced to file suit, said Scott N. Godes, [formerly] of counsel at Dickstein Shapiro L.L.P. in Washington.

Want to read the other opinions and thoughts offered on the subject?  Then click on over to Litigating coverage dispute requires cost-benefit analysis to read the entire article.


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