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Asbestos Insurance Litigation Audiocast with Live Q&A

We all know what happens in summer time – lounging by the pool, re-runs on TV, and scrambling for CLE, right?  Of course, your thirst for knowledge about the latest information in the world of insurance coverage and asbestos claims remains unquenched.  Do I have the solution for you!  Sign up for the Asbestos Insurance Litigation Audiocast with Live Q&A.  It will run on July 15, 2010 from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm Eastern.  You’ll be able to get Continuing Legal Education credit right from your desk!  And, like they say on tv, “if you haven’t seen it [live when we presented this information in Philadelphia], it’s new to you!”  Plus, unlike tv shows being run for an encore round, this CLE will have live Q&A.  Live!  You can ask questions, and you won’t have to go through voicemail jail or hear that your question is important to us, so please keep holding.*  Click here for a link to the full agenda.

My presentation includes a fascinating discussion about premises/operations insurance coverage, also known as “non-products” amongst us cool insurance practitioners.

To register, download the Registration Form and mail/fax/email it to my friends at HB, complete the online form, or call Brownie Bokelman at 484-324-2755 x 212 to register.

* Actually, I can’t guarantee that you won’t hear that.

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Note:  as a speaker at the conference, I was not charged a fee to attend the remainder of the conference.