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Rodd Zolkos and Bill Kenealy quote me in their article, “Target tested by holiday credit card data breach.”

Credit card readerRodd Zolkos And Bill Kenealy wrote an article for Business Insurance discussing the alleged data breach that Target Corporation suffered in late 2013, titled, “Target tested by holiday credit card data breach.”

The lede is:

The Target Corp. data breach that exposed 40 million shoppers’ debit and credit card account information has caused lawsuits, state and federal investigations and potential company reputation damage, while raising fresh concerns among other businesses about the worsening risk of cyber attacks.

Rodd and Bill were kind enough to quote me in the piece.  I discuss risk management, cyber security, and insurance coverage for cyber risks.  You may have to register with Business Insurance to see that part of the article.  Other people who work on cyber security and cyber risk questions were cited in the piece as well, and contain comments as to whether PCI-DSS certification, and certification as being PCI compliant, can prevent all cyber attacks and data breaches.

The article has interesting points for risk managers, in house counsel, compliance, and IT personnel.  Please click on over and read the entire piece.


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