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“Issues Confronting Insureds and Excess Insurers in Large-Scale, Long-Tail Claims”

At the 2010 Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee CLE Seminar, which the American Bar Association Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee hosted in Tucson, Arizona on March 4-6, 2010, I filled in for my former colleague, Jim Murray, for the plenary session”Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door:  Perspectives on Litigation and Negotiation of High-Damage Claims in 2010 and Beyond.”  I was joined by William B. Hedrick of Marsh USA Inc., Laura McKay of Hinkhouse Williams Walsh LLP, Gordon McKay of Arcina Risk Group, and Jeffrey M. Posner of JM Posner, Inc.

We had a great discussion about the practical issues facing policyholders and insurance companies when claims reach high level excess policies.  Our topics ranged from the duty to defend, changes in London market insurance in the last few decades, and who handles and pays for claims handling when in high levels of coverage.

The Lexis Insurance Law Center has posted a brief recap of the panel and the supporting materials, in a blog post entitled “Issues Confronting Insureds and Excess Insurers in Large-Scale, Long-Tail Claims.”  You can see the post by clicking here.


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