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Steve Goldberg on Chinese Drywall and Insurance Coverage

My prolific former colleague, Steve Goldberg, just wrote a piece regarding insurance coverage for potential Chinese drywall liabilities.  In the piece, Steve discusses another piece on Chinese drywall and insurance coverage for builders and subcontractors, by John M.Sadler of Sadler and Company, which also has appeared in  Steve notes what may be an open secret amongst those who represent policyholders in insurance coverage disputes:

John points out, what many of us policyholder insurance coverage lawyers already know. When many serious liability risks arise, many insurers, as one famous court decision once stated in a products liability context, run for cover rather than coverage.

Steve discusses other issues relating to insurance coverage for potential Chinese drywall liabilities, and cites an article on the issue co-authored by our former colleague Leon Kellner, “Chinese Drywall, Legal, Insurance, and Other Strategic Considerations” in the Florida Homebuilders Association Magazine.

For Steve’s full post, click here.


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