Check out my article, “At Risk: Insurance Coverage for Cyber Security and Data Breaches” in Strategize Magazine.

The fine folks at Strategize Magazine have published an article that I wrote, along with my colleague, Ken Trotter.  The article is titled, “At Risk:  Insurance Coverage for Cyber Security and Data Breaches.”  It’s in the January/February 2010 edition of the magazine.

Strategize is a magazine that promises:

in each issue of Strategize, we’ll clear out the clutter to reveal what’s really relevant. Our aim is to be your one-stop information source that brings the reader to the boardroom, following the national trends that affect business today, and the innovations of our most provocative business leaders.

Our article gives a clear and easy to read overview of insurance coverage for cyber security and data breach claims.  We give real world examples of data breaches and cyber security incidents, and how they affect businesses today.  We also discuss coverage for those types of claims under commercial general liability insurance policies, first party insurance policies, crime policies, directors and officers policies, and more.  Interested?*  Then aim your mouse here to readAt Risk:  Insurance Coverage for Cyber Security and Data Breaches.”

* Even if you’re not that interested in the topic, it’s worth the click to see the cool online magazine format and graphic that they put with the article.


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  • We’re both publishing machines these days! Nice work!

  • Scott:
    Thanks for the article. One area in which I would be interested in hearing more about would be the costs associated with the notification of credit card holders and potential third party losses for companies that rely on “my” company’s infrastructure to run their business (internet, utility, etc.).
    Thanks again.
    Rich Sayette

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