Join me for ACI’s 5th National Advanced Forum on Cyber & Data Risk Insurance

Are you looking for a conference discussing insurance coverage for cyber and data risk issues, where you will have “the unique opportunity to network, benchmark your products against the competition and gain valuable information about the right insurance coverage for your company”? Then you should join me for the American Conference Institute 5th Annual Cyber & Data Risk Insurance conference.

Here are the introductory details:

Cyber & Data Risk Insurance

Monday, September 26 to Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Affinia Manhattan Hotel, New York, NY

International legislative changes and compliance…External threats from the explosion of social media…Cloud computing…PCI, HIPAA & HITECH standards… social engineering, malware downloads, phishing, click-jacking, spoofing, whistleblowing, massive leaks… THE LIST GOES ON

The expanded scope of Cyber & Data Risk Insurance is here. Attend the annual September conference that the industry has known and trusted for years!

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Mon, Sep 26, 2011
Tue, Sep 27, 2011
Affinia Manhattan Hotel
New York, NY


Accreditation will be sought in those jurisdictions requested by the registrants which have continuing education requirements. This course is identified as nontransitional for the purposes of CLE accreditation.

ACI certifies that the activity has been approved for CLE credit by the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board in the amount of 15.0 hours. An additional 2.0 hours will apply to workshop A and 3.0 hours to workshop B.

ACI certifies that this activity has been approved for CLE credit by the State Bar of California in the amount of 12.75 hours. An additional 2.0 hours will apply to workshop A and 2.5 hours to workshop B.You are required to bring your state bar number to complete the appropriate state forms during the conference. CLE credits are processed in 4-8 weeks after a conference is held.

ACI has a dedicated team which processes requests for state approval. Please note that event accreditation varies by state and ACI will make every effort to process your request.Questions about CLE credits for your state? Visit our online CLE Help Center at

My panel will be:

10:05     State of the Market: New Exposures, Coverage Options and Trends that Are Changing the Scope of Cyber Liability

Edward McGuire, Senior    Vice    President,    Sales    &    Marketing S.H. Smith & Co.
Steven H. Haase, CPCU ARM, INSUREtrust
Malcolm Randles, Underwriter,    Enterprise    Risks    510, R    J    Kiln    &    Co    Limited
Jenny B. Bradford, J.D., Vice    President    Financial    Products,    Risk    Management    Liability, Regions Insurance
Scott N. Godes, Counsel, [formerly] Dickstein    Shapiro    LLP

  • Market overview and legal developments
    • Updates on new exposures, coverage decisions and new products to ensure coverage
    • Addressing the lack of uniformity among policies
    • Cyber risk insurance overlap with other insurance policies
    • How big is the market and how much has it grown over the past few years?
    • New clients and non-technology companies purchasing coverage:   who they are and what they are looking for
  • A    closer    look    at    security    &    privacy    challenges    facing    small    businesses
    • What considerations have been given to products that may attract small to mid-market    companies?
    • How carriers are capitalizing on this
  • State of the reinsurance market for cyber-risk insurance
    • Clarification of comprehensive contracts and identifying key provisions

Interested in attending?  You can get a discounted rate through me, taking $600 off of the registration price, if you register by June 30.   If you’re interested in getting the discounted rate, please e-mail me.  Or, if it’s after June 30, you can click here:
Register Now


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Note:  as a speaker at the conference, I will not be charged a fee to attend the remainder of the conference.

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