Join me for the “CyberCrime 2011 Symposium: Security in the Age of WikiLeaks – Cybercrime, Espionage & Hacktivism”!

Sage Data Security is going to host the “CyberCrime 2011 Symposium:  Security in the Age of WikiLeaks – Cybercrime, Espionage & Hacktivism.”  Sage gives this brief overview of the Symposium:

2011 has been an unprecedented year of data compromise, exposure and harm to organizations large and small. At the CyberCrime 2011 Symposium, you’ll learn what’s being done – and what you can do – to detect, deter, and defeat cybercriminals causing mayhem around the world.

Join us on November 3 and 4 and learn from the experts about the latest threats coming from today’s smart and subversive cybercriminals. You’ll gain essential knowledge to help your organization protect itself – and its customers – against sophisticated malware, spiteful hacktivists, and financially motivated cybercrime.

Now in its second year, the CyberCrime 2011 Symposium is THE must-attend conference for any financial, healthcare or governmental professional involved in operations, compliance, security or information services. Seats are limited – be sure to reserve yours now.

Here are the highlights, from the conference website:

Conference Highlights:

  • WikiLeaks – Is Any Secret Safe? Lunch session keynote address: Senior Editor Kevin Poulsen, the man who broke the WikiLeaks story.
  • 50 Days of Mayhem: What We Can (and Should) Learn from LulzSec – How a small band of “hacktivists” caused (and are still causing) sleepless nights for security professionals around the world…and how we should have been able to stop them.
  • The Malware Behind the RSA Breach and other Advanced Persistent Threats – Joe Stewart of Dell SecureWorks reveals how the APT/cyber-espionage behind the breach of RSA last spring can be traced back to an attack originating in China.
  • Respond and Defeat – 2011 Secret Service Cyber Intelligence Update  Learn how the Cyber Intelligence Section (CIS) within the U.S. Secret Service’s Criminal Investigative Division is combatting cybercrime that targets the nation’s financial payment systems and critical infrastructures.
  • Krebs on Security: ZeuS, Thieves and Money Mules Award-winning blogger and columnist Brian Krebs returns to the Symposium with the dinner keynote detailing the latest exploits of organized cybercrime.
  • Learn from the Mistakes of Others: Be Better Prepared to Combat Security Risks to Your Organization – Trends, recommendations and insights from the 2011 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.
  • What You Need to Know Before It Happens to You – An expert panel of forensic, legal and industry experts discuss what it takes to minimize the impact of a malicious external attack, an insider threat, a vendor compromise or an accidental exposure.

I’m a “featured speaker” at the event.  My session will be:

Cyber Insurance: Will You Be Covered if Your Company Suffers a Cyber Event?
The price tag on corporate data breaches is soaring. Does Cyber Risk Insurance make sense for your organization? Cyber Insurance policies generally cover third-party liability – e.g. suits filed by customers whose accounts have been hacked; direct costs – e.g. notification letters sent to affected customers; and, increasingly, fines and penalties associated with data breaches. This session will focus on what policy holders should be looking for in Cyber and Data Security Coverage and how to avoid potential pitfalls.

So, please register and join me!


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Note: as a speaker at the conference, my travel costs will be covered, and I will not be charged a fee to attend the remainder of the conference.

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