Join me for the Additional Insured and Indemnification Issues Conference – May 11, 2012 in New York City.

Is your company an additional insured under another company’s insurance policies? Does your company issue certificates of insurance? Do you deal with indemnity agreements? Do you know whether indemnity agreements are covered by insurance? Would you like to learn the answers to these questions? Of course you would.

You’d like to hear about this from a commercial litigator and insurance coverage attorneys, wouldn’t you?

Plus, you’d like CLE credit for listening, including CLE ethics credit, wouldn’t you?

Well, say no more!

If you’re looking for all of that and more, organized and hosted by my good friends at HB Litigation Conferences, please join me for the Additional Insured and Indemnification Issues Conference: Other People’s Money Conference, as detailed by HB:

HB Litigation Conferences is pleased to announce the Additional Insured and Indemnification Issues Conference: Other People’s Money will be held Friday, May 11, 2012, at Thomson Hall in New York. The seminar is chaired by Timothy E. Delahunt, a partner at Kenney Shelton Liptak Nowak LLP and Scott Godes, [formerly] counsel at Dickstein Shapiro LLP.

The recently released Additional Insured and Indemnification Issues Conference agenda features sessions on Triggering The Duty To Defend Under Additional Insured Coverage; Scope Of The Duty To Indemnify Under Additional Insured Endorsements; Priority Of Coverage Where Additional Insured Coverage Exists; Practical And Strategic Differences Between Contractual Indemnification And Additional Insured Coverage; Ethical Considerations Particular To Additional Insured Coverage: Conflicts, Privilege And Confidentiality.

The event is sponsored by Dickstein Shapiro LLP. For additional sponsorship opportunities, contact Jeanne Billings at 484-580-8241 or

Early bird registration – $100 off – is available through February 24, 2012. HB offers complimentary registrations* to in-house counsel and 50% off registrations* for their teams of outside counsel. Space is limited so register ASAP.

For additional information or to register, contact Brownie Bokelman at 484-324-2755 x212 or

*Discounts valid on new registrations only and cannot be combined with any other offer. Space is limited for in-house counsel complimentary registrations and 50% off discounted registrations for outside counsel. One complimentary registration per company.


This blog is for informational purposes only. This may be considered attorney advertising in some states. The opinions on this blog do not necessarily reflect those of the author’s law firm and/or the author’s past and/or present clients. By reading it, no attorney-client relationship is formed. If you want legal advice, please retain an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction. The opinions expressed here belong only the individual contributor(s). © All rights reserved. 2012.

Note:  as a speaker at the conference, I will not be charged a fee related to the conference.

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