Samantha Drake quotes me in her article, “Indemnification Agreements: Who Benefits From Your Coverage?”

In her article, Indemnification Agreements: Who Benefits From Your Coverage?, author Samantha Drake writes about insurance coverage, indemnity agreements, and additional insureds.

The article opens:

Shifting financial liability through contractual apportionment of risk is nothing new. But issues such as the scope of indemnity, choice of law and naming additional insureds adds so many potential wrinkles to an already complex area in which attorneys must be sure to do their homework.

The article discusses the points raised in a “recent panel entitled ‘Additional Insured Issues and Indemnification Agreements'” in which I spoke, “along with Timothy E. Delahunt, of Kenney Shelton Liptak Nowak LLP and Adam M. Shienvold, of Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott LLP. HB Litigation Conferences produced the panel.”  Ms. Drake quoted me in the article, writing:

Indemnification agreements are “something with which people have a lot of familiarity, at least in concept, but in terms of practice the law has a lot of variations,” said Scott Godes [formerly] of Dickstein Shapiro LLP.

Ms. Drake also noted my discussions of exceptions to exclusions within insurance policies for contractual liability, including exceptions for insured contracts.  She also provided an overview of the supplementary payments clause found in commercial general liability insurance policies (CGL policies).

Want to read the other opinions and thoughts offered on the subject?  Then click on over to Indemnification Agreements: Who Benefits From Your Coverage? to read the entire article.


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